Author Topic: Franken-Zuk. New to the area and looking for a place to play in the dirt  (Read 264 times)

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Hey all. My name is Rick and the wife and I just moved from out West so she can get her graduate degree, and Im trying to find my "place" in this new world.

I hauled out my "Franken-zuk" or "superzuk" as some of my friends have taken to calling it, and need a place to get it dirty and to get outdoors.

its an 87 suzuki samurai body/frame, caged, with the guts swapped out for better parts - custom fitted junkyard nonsense with a purpose.

the heart is an 87 volvo 740 2.3L turbocharged B230FT with an upgraded mitsubishi 15g turbo making a bit less than 200hp.
trans is a 94 volvo 940 4 speed auto, with a custom adapter to a twin-sticked gear driven toyota RF1A transfer case upgraded to a 23 spline input shaft.
Toyota driveshafts couple the transfer case to a set of toyota solid axles. Front is locked with chromoly birfields, rear is welded.
5.29 gears put the hurt on a set of 33" BFG all terrains on yota landcruiser wheels. highsteer and crossover steering using a toyota IFS pickup power steering box.

The suspension is an Epic Trek SPOA setup with missing link shackles up front for extra flex.

Pirate build thread here:

This is my little mechanical family, so if you see us around say hi:
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Re: Franken-Zuk. New to the area and looking for a place to play in the dirt
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Welcome Rick. that is quite the collection of parts in the Zuk. We meet the first Tuesday of each month so we having a meeting next week if you're able to attend. You won't find much dirt to play in around here, but a lot of rocks to play on.
1994 YJ on 37s