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Black Mamba
« on: April 06, 2012, 12:40:58 AM »
Before She Was Black....

The New (Continuing) Adventure of The Black Mamba....

4.5" Rough Country Lift
33" Mud Terrains
Upper Adjustables
Rock Sliders
Custom Winch Plate
9000lb Quadtratec Winch
Heavy Duty Tie Rod
Adjustable Track Bar
Full Roll Cage
Cargo Rack
1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ 5spd, 4in lift, locked D30/Ruff stuff diff cover, Detours back bone/JCR frame stiffeners Quadratec winch, Full exhaust, Tomken engine/tranny skid, Custom HD crossmember, Rock Hard roll cage, Rock Hard rear bumper, JCR Upper quarter gaurds with LED tail lights and 33s