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JT4x4 Rules
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Welcome to JT4x4:
In order to maintain the club’s name and status in the community, all vehicles and drivers are required to abide by the rules listed below when participating in off-road events with JT4X4. Remember, just because an event is not an official JT4X4 event doesn't mean that the name of our club is not at risk. Each vehicle with a JT4X4 logo is a direct representative of JT4X4 on and off the trail.

Safety is #1:
If it doesn't look or feel safe it probably isn't.
All members/driving guests must read and sign the JT4X4 Trail Rules prior to departure on an off-road event. Trail rules need only be signed by each member once during his/her membership year.

Trail Boss (TB):
This person is the one who is in charge of the overall trip. The TB will make the final decisions about the run. The TB can get input from the rest of the group but what the TB says goes. Disobeying the rules could result in ejection from the trip and club.
If the group needs to be split because of its size or trail difficulty, a TB will be picked for the second group. During each wheeling trip there will be one person per group designated as the “Trail Boss”.

In addition to the Mandatory Trail Rig Items listed below, the TB must have a Spill Kit, a First Aid Kit, a working CB Radio and Know where you are. Know where to ask emergency personnel to meet us in the event of an emergency. Know the street names, route intersection details, or other common means of identifying the meeting spot. Have it in writing and give a copy to at least one other member.

General Trail Rules:
1. NO alcohol or drug use will be tolerated before or during trail runs.
2. It is the driver's responsibility to maintain their vehicle with legal registration and insurance. (Proof may be required) It is also the driver’s responsibilities to keep their driver's license up to date and on their person
while driving.
3. No members are to wheel alone, EVER!!!
4. When wheeling in a group, the front and rear vehicles must have CB's and be in range of communication.
5. Everybody should carry their own tools but at least one vehicle must have appropriate tools for trail fixes and a Hi-Lift Jack.
6. Seat belts must be used by all occupants, children in a car seat if required.
7. To avoid vehicle damage do not travel to close to another vehicle.
8. All vehicles participating in a club off-road event must be 4-wheel drive.
9. Perform a vehicle inspection prior to each trip. You know your vehicle, check what it needs.
10. The club is not responsible for your vehicle.

Mandatory Trail Rig Items:
1. Recovery Points Front & Rear, attached directly to the frame, chassis or
HD bumper.
2. Tow Strap with sewn loop ends, NO metal hooks.
3. Full Size Spare Tire.
4. Jack capable of lifting your rig high enough to change a tire & tools to do so.
5. Fire Extinguisher.
6. Extra Fluids (i.e. oil, gear oil, atf, water, etc...)
7. Working Flash Light.
Some required items may be added or waived by the TB depending on run location, weather, etc.

Recommended Items:
1. Water, Food, Extra Clothes
2. First Aid Kit
3. Simple Spill Kit (soon to be required)
4. Whistle, Compass, Cell Phone, Camera
5. Air Compressor
6. Tools, Spare Parts
7. Zip Ties, Duct Tape, Tie Down Straps
8. Garbage Bag, TP
9. Good Attitude

Wheel Lightly Rules:
1. Travel in areas designated for 4-wheel drive vehicles
2. Avoid widening a trail unless absolutely necessary.
3. Take on obstacles slowly and use a spotter when necessary.
4. Cross streams only at fording points or over a bridge.
5. Do not attempt to turn vehicles around in narrow trails.
6. Go easy on the throttle and avoid heavy breaking.
7. Comply with all posted warnings and signs.
8. Attach winch cables to trees with a tree saver.
9. Carry a trash bag.
10. Leave the trail cleaner than you found it. Pack out garbage and waste.
11. Give way to Hikers, Bikers, ATV's, Dirt Bikes, and other trail users.
12. Know your vehicles limitations and capabilities. Do not attempt obstacles that are too much for you and your vehicle

To Print a copy use the PDF below!
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