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Members Rigs / new toyota guy
« Last post by rshn117 on September 07, 2021, 08:19:17 PM »
currently driving a 97 5spd 4runner, nothing done to it yet other than a small lift and 35s, also have some other older toyota projects im working on. just getting into offroading
Members Rigs / Re: Hoping to return
« Last post by Big Chuck on August 10, 2021, 02:30:57 PM »
Hey Chuck, Do you plan on getting a locker or 2 in the JK? Believe me when I say at least 1 locker and skid plates at least is your best option.
Members Rigs / Hoping to return
« Last post by B52BUFF on August 09, 2021, 07:23:57 PM »
Hello all.
So I did a thing. I sold my Mazda and bought a 2010 JK Sport. The only upgrades I've made so far are new headlights and a new stereo. My plan is to keep her as road worthy as possible. My TJ build kinda got out of hand and I reluctantly parted ways with her after much pestering by my ex-wife. Well I really missed driving a Jeep and almost bought another TJ, but decided to go with a JK instead. My girlfriend has bought a 2007 JK and will probably start on the forum as well.
My intentions are to armor her (Jeep, not girlfriend) and get her trail ready. I want to keep the suspension as stock as possible. I had a lot of fun wheeling my TJ stock and suprised myself with the places I went with her, including Ma Bell. Of course I will eventually lift her, but until then...
I look forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new members.
General / Re: First time in a LONG time!!!
« Last post by Big Chuck on July 26, 2021, 04:54:35 PM »
Well, it is amazing to see that after 14 years JT4x4 is still pushing strong.  Just wanted to stop by and see what has been going on and to let some of the OG's know that there may be a new Mohrbicon in the works.

Sweet!!! I have never met you, but it is always nice to see an OG coming back into it. Are you looking to get back into the club once you have a new rig squared away?
General / First time in a LONG time!!!
« Last post by One-Eye on July 23, 2021, 06:27:57 PM »
Well, it is amazing to see that after 14 years JT4x4 is still pushing strong.  Just wanted to stop by and see what has been going on and to let some of the OG's know that there may be a new Mohrbicon in the works. 
Club Rules / Re: 2021 ByLaws
« Last post by Big Chuck on July 02, 2021, 10:06:14 PM »
Looks great Rock, just a couple quick changes, adding the NEA and changing the date, but we can vote on said changes at the meeting on 7/13/2021.
Club Rules / 2021 ByLaws
« Last post by Mr Rock on July 02, 2021, 07:44:53 PM »

This organization shall be known as: JT4X4 (Jeep and Truck 4X4).

JT4X4 is organized for the purpose of:
I. Providing social, recreational and educational activities for its
II. Participating in and supporting civic activities for the
betterment of the local area.
III. Promoting safe and sensible operation of our Four-Wheel Drive
IV. Support NOVA & the NEA in:
A. Promoting conservation, ecology and community events by
becoming involved in related projects in the local area as
well as on a national level.
B. Making plans to maintain and develop current trails and OHV
C. Working towards resolution of legislative issues as it relates
to our use of certain land(s).

I. Owners of Four-Wheel Drive vehicles and other interested parties
are eligible for membership in JT4X4. Each membership includes
the immediate family; however, voting power is restricted to that
person, or that person’s partner,
II. Dues for JT4X4 shall be determined by the Board of Directors with
the approval of the membership. Dues will be December First
(1st) of each year. There will be a thirty-day (30) grace period,
however, if membership dues are not received by January first
(1st) of each year, the membership will be terminated and the
member’s name will be dropped from the roster. If a member has
been dropped from the roster, he/she will forfeit all rights and
privileges of membership.
III. Membership shall be contingent upon payment of annual dues and
a majority vote at a meeting.
IV. Membership to JT4X4 will consist of the following types:
A. Probationary Member
1. Any legally licensed, registered and insured 4X4 vehicle
owner shall be eligible for Probationary membership.
(Vehicle Requirements may be waived with BOD
2. A probationary member shall wheel at least one (1) trail
ride, attend one (1) official JT4X4 meeting, and attend
one (1) other JT4X4 event during the probationary
period. As determined by the Board of Directors.
3. Probationary member must fulfill all requirements.
4. Probationary member must be recommended for
membership by a club member and voted by majority
vote at the next meeting after the requirements have
been met.
5. Probationary members shall not have voting rights on
club issues and new member votes or be nominated for
officer positions until the meeting after being voted in.
6. Probationary members shall not be responsible for the
planning, organization, or execution of JT4X4 events,
however may collaborate with club members and trail
bosses on such issues.
B. Club Member
1. Title given to that member who has completed
probationary period and has been voted as a member
by a majority vote.
2. Member must pay calendar years dues.
3. Have full and complete voting rights on JT4X4 issues.
4. May be responsible for planning and organizing trail
runs by must have trail boss attendance for all JT4X4
5. May be nominated and voted as a designated trail boss
for JT4X4 events.
C. Founding Members
1. The founding members are the members that formed
the organization.
2. The founding members shall be granted one (1) seat on
the Board of Directors with full voting powers (provided
they are currently a paid member) not to include
founding members currently on the Board of Directors
due to positions held.
3. The founding members shall be granted all rights of
club membership.
4. The founding members shall include: Jonathan
Rodriguez, Brian Osborne, Brian Mohr, Rich Hering and
Mike Doehring.
D. Honorary Members
1. Title given to a past paid member or a member that has
served on the Board of Directors that has relocated.
2. The honorary member will not have to pay dues and will
be allowed access to the public and members section of
the club forums.
3. The honorary member will not have a vote.

I. All meetings shall be held at a place to be designated by the
II. Meetings shall be held once a month unless designated
unnecessary by the Board of Directors.
III. There must be at least five (5) members of club member
status in attendance.
IV. There must be in addition at least two (2) Board of Directors
members in attendance.
V. The first meeting after December first (1st) of each year,
nominations for all offices must be submitted.
VI. The first meeting of the new year (January) will be an annual
meeting in which the following will be addressed:
A. Elections for all offices held (Notice must be posted 30 days
B. NOVA & NEA membership status and roster from the
VII. Treasurer's financial statement will be discussed at monthly
VIII. Membership status update to be discussed at monthly

I. The Board of Directors shall consist of five (5) officers:
President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster and
such other Board of Directors, if any, as the Board of Directors
may from time to time deem necessary
II. The Board of Directors shall have the right to overturn any club
decision by a majority vote, with exception of elections and
bylaws amendments.

I. The officers of the organization shall be a President, Vice
President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and such other officers, if
any, as the Board of Directors may from time to time deem
II. Only paid club members are eligible for officer positions.
III. All officers shall be voted in by a majority vote at the first
meeting of each year at the annual Holiday meeting.
IV. Any officer may resign from the position held and upon a
majority vote to replace the officers’ position with another paid
club member at that time.
V. If vacancy or inactivity of an officer position is held for more
than a period of three (3) months, the member will forfeit
office and a new member voted into office at the next meeting.
VI. The President shall:
A. Preside over meetings.
B. Be present at all events when possible.
C. Shall have the duty to carry out the policies and decisions of
the entire membership and the Board of Directors.
D. Work as a liaison with NOVA and associated clubs.
E. Mandatory attendance to the annual club meeting.
VII. The Vice President shall:
A. Become acting President and shall assume the duties of the
President in the event of the Presidents absence.
B. Assist the President in the completion of his duties whenever
C. Be the Trail Boss leader in organizing, utilizing and training
the members designated as trail bosses.
VIII. The Treasurer shall:
A. Keep accurate and complete records of the funds and
accounts of this organization and maintain a record thereof.
B. Make disbursements from the funds of the organization as
directed by the Board of Directors.
C. Ensure that all membership dues are paid in a timely
D. Direct all activities associated with the collection, counting
and deposit of funds at any JT4X4 money making events.
IX. The Secretary shall:
A. Keep and preserve all records and minutes of JT4X4
B. Prepare and distribute minutes of each JT4X4 meeting
within 30 days of the meeting.
C. Be responsible for completion and collection of all waivers,
trail rides, and rules.
D. Maintain a list of all club approved Trail Bosses.
X. The Webmaster shall:
a. Assign membership status on the board
b. Update front page and board as necessary
XI. Other duties may be appointed from time to time by the Board
of Directors and voted by majority vote at an official club
meeting. These positions do not designate a position on the
Board of Directors. More than one of these offices may be held
by one member. These positions may include by are not limited
A. Membership Director
B. Event Coordinator
C. Land Use Coordinator
D. Club Representative
E. Emblematic Director
F. Forum/Web site Director
XII. Irrespective of term of officer, any officer of the organization
may be removed from office with or without cause at any time
by a two-thirds majority (2/3) vote at a club meeting.

I. Each paid voting member shall be entitled to one (1) vote, cast
at a meeting in person, not by proxy or through the mail. With
the exception of those otherwise deemed necessary by the
Board of Directors.
II. All votes shall be decided by majority vote, unless otherwise
stated in the bylaws, and can be overturned by a majority vote
from the Board of Directors.
III. Elections shall be held once a year at the first meeting of the
new year at the Annual Holiday meeting for all offices held.
IV. Newly elected officers will take office at the end of the meeting
following the election.
V. A majority of votes cast by JT4X4 members in good standing, is
necessary for the election to an office.
VI. Voting on any issue by the membership at a regular meeting
will be by hand vote. A motion may be called for a secret ballet
when deemed necessary.

I. The Board of Directors, the local and state law enforcement
agencies have set up strict rules and policies concerning trail
riding and the use of properties we trail ride on with the
permission of the owner. Infractions of these rules and policies
could cause us to lose our right to use these properties;
therefore, they will be strictly enforced. Any violators of the
established policies will be warned once at a general meeting
and if the infraction is committed again a second time, a
member found guilty will be immediately removed from the
membership roll and will not under any circumstances be given
another opportunity to apply for membership to JT4X4. Guilt
will be determined by a preponderance of evidence. If the
accused denies the infraction, the member(s) will be suspended
pending a vote by the Board of Directors.
II. All events are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
III. All events must be conducted in an orderly manner with safety
as the prime factor.
IV. No member or guest under the age of Eighteen (18) will be
allowed to drive on a trail ride. Exceptions only by BOD
majority vote.
V. The Board of Directors shall review the JT4X4 rules at a
minimum of once a year to determine changes needed.
VI. All participants in JT4X4 events will sign, acknowledge, and
adhere to the JT4X4 rules.
VII. No event shall be conducted without the presence of an
approved Trail Boss.
VIII. All members and guests participating in an event shall abide by
the Motor Vehicle Code of the State concerned and by the laws
and regulations of the city, county or circumstances concerned.
The welfare and reputation of JT4X4 depends upon the
character it gains with the city, county, state and federal
authorities. Any flagrant violation of the code is sufficient cause
for removal of any and all membership privileges.

The Association shall indemnify every Director, Executive Director,
officer or employee and his/her heirs, executors and administrators
against all losses, costs and expenses, including solicitor and client
fees, reasonably incurred by him/her in connection with any action,
suit, or proceeding to which he/she may be made a party by reason of
his/her being or having been a director, Executive Director, officer or
employee of the club except to the extent that such losses, costs and
expenses incurred or suffered by the club by reason of, or arising out
of or in connection with the foregoing indemnification provisions shall
be treated and handled by the Club as an expense of the club.

Nothing herein shall constitute the members of JT4X4 as partners for
any purpose. No member, officer, agent or employee of JT4X4 shall be
liable for acts or failure to act of any other member, officer, agent or
employee of the club. Nor shall any member, officer, agent or
employees be liable for their act or omissions arising out of their willful

I. These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority
vote. Any amendment to be voted on must be presented to the
membership at a regular JT4X4 meeting and then voted on.
II. Proposed By-Law changes shall also be published in the JT4X4
forum prior to the meeting they are to be voted on.
III. Under special circumstances these bylaws may be temporarily
suspended by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors
without prior notification or approval of the membership. Any
time this bylaws suspension is voted on, the membership must
be notified as soon as possible. Any actions made possible by
the bylaws suspension must be ratified by a majority of the
attending membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting
These are now known as the Jeep and Truck 4X4 (JT4X4) By-Laws and
must be followed by all of its members.
These By-Laws were changed at a meeting of the members of the
organization on the 13th of July, 2021
General / Re: Mohawk Weekend August 13th thru 15th 2021
« Last post by Mr. Potter on June 21, 2021, 05:28:52 PM »
I will be there. Badlands sounds good to me.
General / Mohawk Weekend August 13th thru 15th 2021
« Last post by Big Chuck on June 15, 2021, 08:42:37 PM »
Hey everyone,
  Mohawk Weekend 2021 is right around the corner August 13th-15th. Price will be the same as last year $45 per person. We will be at the Country Aire Campground again. We will need to make a few changes as OFR is now closed, but we do have options that we will need to addressed. Maybe VT Badlands on Friday? Who is coming?
General / New Here - 1993 Ford Bronco
« Last post by dtrox90 on June 15, 2021, 08:32:13 PM »
Hello, I'm Dillon from Montville.
New here and pretty new to off-roading. Had a quad when I was younger, and went out in my 2wd ranger on 31s a few times but nothing serious.
 I've built a few different cars over the years, dabbled with autocross, drag racing, road course stuff and for the last 6 years I was all over the north east to go drifting.
Sold my drift car, truck and trailer and ordered a new full size bronco, but with no idea when it would come, I picked up this 93 from down in VA earlier this year. The truck bed coating wasn't my first choice, but it turns out to be great for off-road.
So far ive pulled both sway bars
removed the HD tow package secondary front shock
larger radiator
additional transmission cooler
leveling springs
rear locker
light bar in the grille
red head steering gear
saginaw power steering swap
came with some pretty decent almost 32 inch tires

rock sliders and bumpers are next on the list, but ive also got 3 other project cars and a harley so sometimes its tough to pick what gets attention when lol.
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